Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Halloween message from Bob Hoven, President of the Board

Dear Friends,

 This fall, we have a lot to celebrate at Beattie-Powers Place.
 For several years, the family of Carol Jones has kindly lent her cherished piano
for our concert use. Now, we are thrilled to announce that they have donated it permanently to Friends of Beattie-Powers. This is a generous and thoughtful
gift that will continue to give pleasure to our audience for years. 
  Along with this gift, we received another from Eugenie Barron, a
highly regarded piano restorer, who donated hours of her time to re-voice
the instrument. Thank you, Eugenie, for the generous offer of your skills.
      Many of you will recall that the space where the piano is located is reverberant, and that the sound level can be louder than ideal. I’m happy to report that with the loan of a large Persian carpet from Nina Sklansky,
     the situation should now be remedied -- just in time for our next
“Bard at  Beattie” concert on November 6th featuring pianist Xiao Chen,
with Yang Li on violin, and cellist Orsolya Kadar.
All this should be welcome news to music lovers who value our Bard concert series, which is expanding (more good news)! You may recall that
for the last four years, we have presented four Bard events yearly.
That number will increase to six, with the addition of two piano recitals in February and March. I urge you to visit our blog ( for updates on all our programs, including an upcoming one which will be music to the ears of sports fans.
On November 20th, Major League Baseball’s Official Historian,
John Thorn, talks “Baseball Heaven: The Pleasures of the Hot Stove League,”
a reminiscence of baseball times gone by -- and the thrill of reliving them.
You can expect more good things from Beattie-Powers Place, too, so
       stay tuned. With that, we hope to see you soon.
  And a Happy Halloween to all!

Robert Hoven
                                                                Friends of Beattie-Powers

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