Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baseball authority John Thorn a Major League hit at BPP

Catskill resident Barry Wolven,left, talks with John Thorn at BPP.
Photo by Doron Tyler Antrim/Hudson-Catskill Newspapers.

    We were delighted to welcome many new faces to Beattie-Powers for John Thorn's talk, Baseball Heaven: The Pleasures of The Hot Stove League. Recently appointed Major League Baseball's Official Historian, John has written extensively on America's Pastime, and other sports. John's lively intro was followed by a lengthy Q & A, resulting in a fun and informative afternoon for the many serious baseball fans crowded into our parlors (and a real eye-opener for the neophytes in the audience). In fact, it was such a great event, we've asked John to make it an annual one -- and he's agreed. Thank you, John! Of course, we look forward to seeing all of you well before then, when you return to BPP for our other programs. But first, our Holiday Party on December 17th!
           BTW, be sure to check out John's blog, ourgame.mlblogs.com

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