Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunday at 2: Susan Falzon Lectures on Industry in Our Midst

Please join us this Sunday, Aug. 8 at 2 pm for the third lecture in
our series RIVER. AIR. ACTION.

Susan Falzon on Industry in Our Midst: A Citizen’s Guide
Free admission

The view from Beattie-Powers Place is beautiful. But just a few miles up the
Hudson in Ravena, the giant La Farge cement plant looms, emitting a long list of
toxins into the atmosphere. Shockingly, across the street from the plant, 2000
children attend the local school. The quintessential "company town," Ravena’s
economy largely depends on La Farge. But serious health concerns lurk. Now,
with the a much-needed modernization of the plant a real possibilty, the question
is: how to hold La Farge to the strictest environmental standards possible, so
that industry and the community around it all benefit?

Using the proposed La Farge plant modernization as an example, our speaker
Susan Falzon will discuss opportunities for individual and community involvement
that could positively impact the outcome in Ravena, and communities like it -- so
that people and industry can coexist , and even thrive.

Susan Falzon has been active in local and national environmental issues since
1998, is Director of Friends of Hudson since August 2005, and has been a
leading force in the effort to make the Ravena plant a model of environmental

Beattie-Powers Place
Prospect Avenue and Bridge St. in Catskill, NY 12414

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