Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Own a lasting reminder of of Beattie-Powers Place

The debut of our  exhibition, "Sensing Beattie-Powers Place," was a true crowd pleaser at our annual Holiday Party, and will continue throughout our event season. We invite you to view the complete gallery of extraordinary images by photographers Veronica Chewens, Kristi Gibson, Kyle Adams and Dan Kirkhus at beattiepowersplace.shootproof.com. Order your favorites in the size of your choice; they'll look great on your walls, and proceeds will be shared by Friends of Beattie-Powers and the photographers who made it all possible. Here's just a sampling of their work.

Photo by Dan Kirkhus
Photo by Kristi Gibson
Photo by Kyle Adams
Photo by Veronica Chewens

Our deep gratitude to all our Piano Fund donors

Your generosity made it possible for us to purchase a fine instrument that will bring years of pleasure to our audiences. It's a significant improvement that will allow our performers to be even more dazzling, too. So once again, our thanks for your continued support, and for those who contributed $250 or more, you can look forward to a special Donors' Event in April, with a recital by the wonderful pianist, Maryna Kysla, to follow.